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8th IAEA Technical Meeting on

"Steady State Operation of Magnetic Fusion Devices"

Nara Prefectural New Public Hall (Nara Kasugano International Forum "Iraka"),
Nara, Japan, 26-29 May 2015

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National Institute for
Fusion Science
322-6 Oroshi, Toki, Gifu,
509-5292 Japan

Abstracts and presentation files can be downloaded from the table below.

 Date Name Presentation title  Abstract Presentation
 - - - All abstracts All presentations
26-May E. Joffrin JET contribution to the research on long pulse operation I1-1_a I1-1_p
T. Seki Progress of long pulse plasma discharge using ICRF heating in LHD I1-2_a I1-2_p
 J. Qian Recent progress towards steady state operation with high performance on EAST I2-1_a I2-1_p
 Y. Oh Status of the advanced research under long-pulse operation in KSTAR I2-2_a I2-2_p
J. Garcia Heat and Particle Physics analysis in advanced tokamak plasmas from JET and JT-60U O1-1_a O1-1_p
R. Dumont Development of long duration plasma scenarios for WEST O1-2_a O1-2_p
Y. Na Exploration of Advanced Tokamak Operation and Its Control in KSTAR O1-3_a O1-3_p
H. Zushi Response function and Statistical approach for particle circulation on QUEST O2-1_a O2-1_p
G. Calabro Quasi-Snowflake divertor configuration studies on EAST O2-2_a O2-2_p
A. Fukuyama Kinetic integrated modelling of the start up phase for steady-state operation in ITER O2-3_a O2-3_p
27-May R. Prater Development of Helicon Current Drive in DIII-D I3-1_a I3-1_p
S. Pradhan Experiments and Up-gradation status in SST-1 I3-2_a I3-2_p
M. Gryaznevich Progress Towards Compact Fusion Reactor I4-1_a I4-1_p
B. Kuteev Design status of the DEMO-FNS Steady State Tokamak in RF I4-2_a I4-2_p
H. Yonekawa Prototype Development of a Safety Quench Detection System of the KSTAR TF Superconducting Coils P1_a P1_p
V. Lamaison Tore Supra Cryomagnetism System Maintenance/Refurbishment for the WEST Project P2_a P2_p
T. Onjun Self-Consistent Modeling of DEMO with the Integrated Predictive Modeling Code BALDUR P3_a P3_p
M. Hasegawa Real-time identification of plasma current and its position with hall sensors for long-pulse operation on QUEST P4_a P4_p
S. Kamio Evaluation of ICRF Heating Characteristics in the Large Helical Device P5_a P5_p
H-S. Kim Real Time Electron Temperature Profile Control using NBI and EC in KSTAR P6_a P6_p
R. Khan ECRH assisted Plasma Studies on GLAST III P7_a P7_p
A. Sanin Long-Pulsed Negative Ion Beam Production and Transport P8_a P8_p
D. Chen System Analysis of Negative Triangularity Tokamak Configuration with SYSCODE P9_a P9_p
D. Chen Development and Applications of the System Analysis Program for Parameter Optimization and Economical Assessment of Fusion Reactor (SYSCODE) P10_a P10_p
A. Kuzmin Gas balance and permeation probes for hydrogen retention analysis in QUEST P11_a P11_p
T. Goto Plasma start-up and steady-state operation control of the LHD-type helical reactor FFHR P12_a P12_p
V. Moiseenko Radio-Frequency Wall Conditioning for Steady-State Stellarators P13_a P13_p
A. Shcherbak Experimental Investigation of Vertical and Longitudinal Lithium Limiters System as a Prototype of Plasma Facing Components of a Steady-State Tokamak-Reactor on T-11M Tokamak P14_a P14_p
Y. Wu Design Progress of Gas Dynamic Trap Based Fusion Neutron Source in China P15_a P15_p
M. Tokitani Microscopic modification of wall surface by helium bombardment and mixed-material deposition layer during a long pulse discharge in LHD ~its impact on steady state plasma operation P16_a P16_p
A. Wisitsorasak Prediction of Toroidal Rotation in ITER Based on the Torque due to Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity and Auxiliary Heating P17_a P17_p
R. Zagorski Numerical analyses of steady-state and inductive JT-60SA scenarios with the COREDIV code P18_a P18_p
G. Stankunas Analysis of activation and dose rates of ITER-Like material samples using LTIS box after DD/DT campaigns at JET P19_a P19_p
L. Garzotti Modelling of JT60SA Operational Scenario P20_a P20_p
G. Merlo Gyrokinetic Simulations in TCV Plasmas with Positive and Negative Triangularity P21_a P21_p
28-May D. van Houtte Current status of the WEST Project I5-1_a I5-1_p
S. Ide The Latest Status of the Construction and the Preparation for Experiments of JT-60SA I5-2_a I5-2_p
M. Kikuchi A possible breakthrough of power handling by plasma shaping in tokamak I6-1_a I6-1_p
E. Ascasíbar Wendelstein 7-X in the European Roadmap to fusion electricity I6-2_a I6-2_p
29-May K. Hanada Dynamic retention characteristics in RF driven long duration discharges on QUEST I7-1_a I7-1_p
Y. Hirooka A Review of the Applications of Liquid Metals for Plasma-Facing Components in Magnetic Fusion Experiments O4-1_a O4-1_p
Y. Oda Development of EC system components for steady state plasma operation O3-1_a O3-1_p
J-H. Jeong Operational progress of 170GHz-1MW ECH system in KSTAR O3-2_a O3-2_p
Y. Yoshimura Progress of Long Pulse Discharges by ECH in LHD O3-3_a O3-3_p
J. Hillairet CEA Contribution to Steady-State Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating Systems O3-4_a O3-4_p
F. Gandini Overview of ITER EC H&CD System I7-2_a I7-2_p
Q. Li The development of W/Cu PFCs for EAST upper Divertor O4-2_a O4-2_p
G. Motojima Dynamic helium wall retention in long pulse discharge in LHD O4-3_a O4-3_p